04/11/22 Exciting! Exciting! Exciting! Our new SportPens range: Spray.Bike paint in a pen!!! Perfect for all sports hardware. More info here!

05/08/22 New Spray.Bike T-shirts! Check them out here!

18/07/21: New colours!!!
Introducing the Nightshade Collection, a brand new collection of r
ich and intense colours seen in a dimming evening light. And new colours have been added to the existing Pop and Vintage collections too. Details below. Enjoy!

New colours:
Pop Collection - Winkie A bold primary green.
Pop Collection - Mirage A fun 70s-style magenta purple.
Pop Collection - Riviera The pink of pale icing sugar.
Pop Collection - Royale Deep violet-blue purple.
Pop Collection - Misty A sugary pale green, with a slight aqua tint.
Vintage Collection - Perry Sun-bleached greyish blue, reminiscent of an old Land Rover.
Vintage Collection - Warrick A grubby grey green, lighter than Elswick.
Vintage Collection - Ariel An Art Deco mint green.
Vintage Collection - Elswick A grubby grey green, but a stronger green than Warrick.
Vintage Collection - Rudge The rust red brown of a rotten apple.
Vintage Collection - Carlton Caramel mustard yellow.
Nightshade Collection - Raven Grey A very dark grey, substantially darker than our Gray's Inn.
Nightshade Collection - Elderberry A rich, deep aubergine purple.
Nightshade Collection - Moorland A dark velvety browny-green moss.
Nightshade Collection - Storm The strong blue grey of a cold ocean.
Nightshade Collection - Black Cherry Dark crimson with rich purple notes, a heady wine.
Nightshade Collection - Peacock A dark and mysterious blue-green teal.

19/12/20: Season's greetings!
Season's greetings to everyone, huge thanks to all the thousands of customers who've continued to support us throughout 2020, and massive congrats for the incredible paint jobs you've done this year with Spray.Bike. It's a sparkly time of year, so what better way to create a bit of sparkle than with our Keirin Flake range - now twice the amount in a can (400ml) at the same price! Wishing you all a wonderful festive period, and a far better 2021 than 2020 was!  

28/08/20: Thanks, congratulations ... and Spray.Bike in Canada!
So, it's been quite a few months since we last posted here, what with all the covid craziness etc, but thanks to all of you who've continued to follow us on Instagram - and many congrats to the thousands of you who've revamped, resprayed and/or refreshed your bikes with spray.bike during lockdown/etc. Great job!!! For those of you in Canada who've been asking for soooo long ... yes, you can now get Spray.Bike too. Click here. Free delivery for orders over $100.

25/03/20: Gift cards now available!
Spray.Bike gift cards now available on the European and US online stores. They're the perfect gift for a loved one. Or even better - the perfect gift for YOU from a loved one. So don't forget to tell them it's what you'd like! Click here for the UK/EU card, and here for the US card.

20/02/20: Hi Berlin!
We're at the Kolektif Bike Fair in Berlin this weekend, sharing a stand with our Brick Lane Bikes buddies. Come and say hi if you're at the show!

23/02/20: New vids by oldshovel
We've just added two great new vids by oldshovel to the Videos section. The first is his top 5 restorations of 2019. The second is an awesome restoration he's just done of a Bontrager Race Lite. Huge congrats, oldshovel. You're doing amazing things with spray.bike!

06/02/20: Spray.Bike NOW AVAILABLE in Australia!
Just in case you missed our announcements on Instagram, we'll say it here too. We're SUPER excited that Spray.Bike is now available in Australia. Order here, and don't forget to follow Spray.Bike in Australia on Instagram.

11/12/19: So-EZs now in stock!!!

Here's the Spray.Bike custom-painted So-EZ Tracklocross frameset. Size 58. Hydro-dipped in Framebuilder’s Pewter Silver & Brass Gold. Logos cut through from black base. Galaxy effect. Deep gloss Transparent Finish clearcoat. £599 including UK delivery. Pack includes fanzine, 2020 TX poster, sticker decal roll and any other goodies we have, all in a cheesy Greek bag. #soez
It's just one of a limited number of painted specials in stock, along with ready-to-paint framesets. Check them out here.
And to celebrate the launch, we're offering 10% off all paint cans purchased from this site until 23rd December, with the all important check-out discount code: EZ10.

28/11/19: So-EZ Launch Party at Brick Lane Bikes
We can't wait till tomorrow - the launch party of the new So-EZ tracklocross frameset at BLB in London. It should be a blast! For those that don't know, the So-EZ is a collaboration between Squid Bikes, BLB and Spray.Bike. Framesets will be available for sale on this site soon - either custom-painted, or ready-to-paint black ED-coated. Have a look here at what bikerumour's got to say about it, and check out Squid's cool So-EZ vid here.


31/10/19: Review in DirtRag
Ace review of Spray.Bike by Stephen Haynes in DirtRag, including handy tips and a cool vid of the techniques he used. Some good pics too. Cheers, Stephen! Great job! Really glad you liked the product. Check it out here.

26/10/19: Great new video: Rob's '94 Kona Explosif rebirth
Rob tackles an ageing Kona, putting in the time and effort to bring it back to being a fun, great looking bike. Spray.Bike kinda helps him with that! Check it out here.

26/8/19: TXWC2019
It's the 2019 Tracklocross World Championships in Japan this weekend, and Spray.Bike is proud and excited to be one of the sponsors. This really has been the year for Tracklocross, which is a combination of Cyclo-cross and track in other words, off-road track bike racing (fixed gear only). Check our instagram for updates from ground control over the weekend. It's going to be a blast!

25/8/19: Review by BIKE-B.de
The testing experts over at bike-b.de have just published a great review of Spray.Bike. If you speak/read German, check it out here

13/7/19: New vid: Velobande - Bikes & Coffee ... and Spray.Bike!
The awesome guys at Velobande in Berlin have made a really cool vid which demonstrates brilliantly what Spray.Bike is all about. Check it out here.

5/6/19: New hydrodipping vid!
If you saw the hydrodipped frame we exhibited @ Bespoked in Bristol recently, you might have wondered how we achieved the marble effect. Our new Inspiration #5 video shows you just how easy it is and it's all because Spray.Bike paints float on water. Basically, you need a body of water as big as the item you want to dip. In the vid, we used a paddling pool, but if you’re only going to do smaller objects, just use a bucket or bowl. The single top tip is to be quick – very quick – with the spray and dip, as you need to complete the process before the paint dries. And don’t overspray in one go – it's better to add layers by doing several dips. More helpful hints in the vid.

25/5/19: Suitup!
If you're in the Netherlands or Belgium, check out Suitup, who now stocking the full Spray.Bike range. They'll deliver to your door, or you can pick up orders from their warehouse, which is quite near the Netherlands/Belgian border. And there's loads of information about Spray.Bike on their website in Dutch.

16/5/19: New vid!
We've just added a really cool new vid to the Videos section. Drew Coleman dropped into Squid Bikes HV to film Angel Perez painting his Squid CX with Spray.Bike. It's splatter all the way. Sickkkkkk!

13/5/19: Anyone from Plymouth?
If you live in or near Plymouth (that's the Plymouth in Devon in the UK), then check out our mates at Artemis Cycles. If you want to do your own paint job, you can pop over and get some cans of Spray.Bike from them. But if you'd rather leave the work to them, they also offer customised paint jobs.

6/5/19: Bye bye Bristol!
Well, that's Bespoked done for another year. What a great weekend! Exhausting, but loads of fun. It was brilliant being there with Maciek from Brick Lane Bikes, and great to catch up with so many Spray.Bike users. Global Cycling Network have done a great round-up of this year's show, including a feature on the bike we hydrodipped with our metal plating. Check it out in our Videos section.   

2/5/19: Parlez vous français?
Our buddies at lecyclo.com have sent us a great review of Spray.Bike in French on veloderoute.com. Check it out here.

27/4/19: NEW! Spray.Bike Frame Builder's Transparent Finish - Matte
Want to add a protective top-coat that's totally matte? Well, now you can! Yup, we've just brought out a new version of our hugely popular Transparent Finish that isn't glossy. (Well, actually it is glossy for the first couple of seconds when you apply it, but then it quickly dries matte). Not only is it perfect for using on top of the Spray.Bike solid colours (which are all matte, of course), but if you've got a glossy finish and want to turn it matte, just add a coat of this on top and hey presto - a matte effect. Incredible! We've renamed our original transparent finish Spray.Bike Frame Builder's Transparent Finish - Satin/Gloss to avoid confusion. 
Oh, and if you're in the States, it's on the way to you, but we're afraid you'll have to wait a few weeks for it to get to you. Should be there early to mid June ish. We'll keep you posted...
Check it out here.

15/4/19: Sprechen Sie deutsch?
We've got a new Spray.Bike site all in German. If you're in Germany or Austria, you should be taken there automatically. If that hasn't happened for some reason, or if you just want to read all about Spray.Bike in German rather than English, click here.

29/3/19: NEW! Spray.Bike Frame Builder's Metal Plating range
We're super excited to introduce our new supreme-quality metal plating range. There are two shades of gold, a copper and a pewter/silver. Check them out here. There are two really important things to note about them. First, they have a really high metal content - so don't inhale! Make sure you always wear a nose and mouth mask when using them. Second, the spray distance is further away than our normal solid colours. See what works best for you, but we recommend holding the can at least 20 cm away from the frame/fork. We can't wait to see what you all come up with using these. Don't forget to hashtag pics of your creations on Instagram with #spraydotbike!


17 October 2018
"In terms of a DIY custom paint-job I couldn't have asked for a better result. It is immensely satisfying and leaves you with a new bike day feeling. ... For a low-cost and fun solution, to bring and old frame back to life or even just to customise your existing ride I couldn't recommend it more and this isn't a paid promotion!" 
Read the full review here.

Review of Spray.Bike by GCN Tech @ Eurobike 2018

29 January 2016
"I was pleasantly surprised at how easy it is to use, the consistency of the coverage and the quick drying time. It really is as simple as following the instructions on the tin. The matte finish is lovely, and I was impressed with the vibrancy of the fluro yellow. … we’d definitely recommend these to anyone, of any level, looking for a fun and easy way to add personality to their bike."
Read the full review here.

12 April 2016
"…anyone that has ever painted a frame understands how difficult it is to get every nook and cranny covered without overdoing it, and causing the paint to run. An acrylic based paint, Spray.Bike comes out in a powder-like form and dries to the touch almost instantly … This is what keeps it from running … Just a little prep time is needed, as the paint will stick to about any raw or painted surface"
Read the full review here.

6 August 2016
"What Spray.Bike now has is a complete ecosystem of preparation, paint and finishing products that lets you get close to professional results in your own garage for a fraction of the cost. ... Compared to normal spray paint, it’s genius."
Read the full review here.

30 October 2016
"I just loved the product! ... In a nutshell, brilliant."
Read the full review here.

27 March 2017
"Spray.Bike are getting even shinier for that deep glittery look. They’ve taken some inspiration from sparkly Keirin track bikes and developed a series of metallic do-it-yourself paints that are as easy to use as their solid colors, but now with deep glitter… It’s all about that sparkle. The new Flake & Sunlight DIY paints really shine in sunlight, but are surprisingly low-key out of direct light. … The Sunlight is especially stealthy, almost disappearing on this black frame, while a bit of creatively masked green flake for the headtube badge is more visible. In ambient light it doesn’t pop, but hit it with a direct light and Bam, colorful rainbow sparkles. … Each comes in a 200ml can, and is easy to apply from about 30cm/12″ away and in two coats for the best effect and depth. … We were pretty impressed with the original paints, now I’m just thinking what test bike I could return to its maker with a glittery top coat..."
Read the full review here.

Click here for pics of the fantastic things people are doing with Spray.Bike all round the world