SportPens: Spray.Bike paint in a pen

 for ALL sports hardware

SportPens are a range of highly pigmented paint pens specifically designed to be used on solid, non-porous surfaces.

 The detachable 2mm tough nylon nib has a rounded end, producing a perfectly even line on the straight or curve.

 The paint is formulated to offer high opacity, strength, elasticity and water resistance for shaped solid objects, making it perfect for sports hardware.

 SportPens have been developed by the experts at Spray.Bike.

  • highly pigmented matte acrylic paint
  • permanent
  • for solid, non-porous surfaces
  • high opacity
  • anti-scratch
  • anti-rub
  • high elasticity
  • water and weather resistant
  • odorless, safe, can be used indoors

Great for: bike frames, scooters, saddles, inline skates, helmets, frisbees, rackets, bats, footballs, knee/shoulder pads, plastic, leather, vinyl
Don't use on: cotton, absorbent fabrics, T-shirts, baseball caps

 To use
The paint is in the barrel of the pen – it needs to be drawn into the nib.

The nib is pump action, so by gently pushing the nib onto a hard surface it will retract and the nib will become saturated with the paint.

Initially, this may cause a small spot or blob of paint, so don’t activate the pen on the actual surface you are going to draw on. Do it on a piece of scrap cardboard or other disposable surface.

Top Tip! Always activate the pen on a piece of scrap paper/cardboard or other disposable surface.

Once the nib is saturated you can begin creating your artwork. If the paint seems to be running dry, push the nib again to re-saturate.

Note: the nylon nib is sturdy, but don’t bash it to release the paint from the barrel as it will de-shape and draw unevenly.

Always keep the cap of the pen on when not in use, otherwise the paint will dry, hardening the nib and making the subsequent uses less flowing and more scratchy.

Be careful! Don't use diluting alcohols, petrol, white spirit and acetone with SportPens as the chemicals break down our acrylic formula. Beware when using spray sun lotion and cleaning products as they can often contain these chemicals.

SportPens paint will dry in about 20 minutes, but we recommend confident handling in about 2 hours, with a complete cure, guaranteeing the anti-scratch and water resistance properties, at around 12 hours.

Drying time: approx. 20 minutes
Confident handling: approx. 2 hours
Complete cure: approx. 12 hours